A Sample Home Page For Your Green Business

Landscape Website Template

Use My Sample Page To Design Your Own Homepage

You can lay out a flower bed, design foundation plantings, and even install patios and walkways.

But when you sit down to design your website's home page you find yourself stuck. What should you say? Where should it all go? It can be frustrating to put in time and effort only to find you don't really like the results.

With that in mind I have prepared a template, or sample home page, that you can use to guide your efforts. I call it the "Perfect Home Page", but there really is no such thing. Feel free to use my page to help you as you design one for your landscaping website.

Here are some of the key factors I keep in mind when designing a home page:

  • Make it easy for people to contact you. Make sure your phone number is "above the fold" (what you can see on a screen without scrolling) on all devices and can be clicked to call you. Use contact forms that are prominently placed and easy to use. Don't ask for too much information or have a Captcha. Also provide links to your contact page.
  • Landscaping is a visual art. Your portfolio is proof that you can provide what potential clients want. You need at least one high-quality photo of your work on the homepage.
  • Text should be clear and concise. Most people who hit your page will scan for key details: who you are, what you do, where you do it. Make that information obvious! Use short sentences and short paragraphs.
  • Build trust. Fast. Tests have shown that people will form an initial impression about your site (and, to a certain degree, your business!) in less than a second. How do you send the message that you can be trusted with their landscape and money? Badges from known 3rd parties are immediately recognized. Yelp, Houzz, BBB, Angies List, among others give businesses badges to highlight their profiles and reviews. Use these.
  • Give Google what it wants. A search engine's job is to give searchers relevant results (and sell advertising of course). Make key information clear and accessible to bots and your online visibility will increase. See my "On Page SEO" post for the basics.
  • Use your footer wisely. You are a local business, so use your footer to show users and search engines exactly what that means. Embed a small Google map, include your NAP (marked up with schema), and social media button.



Click on the image to visit my sample landscape business home page.

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